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Error handling in router⚓︎

Сurrently, ILC can handle 404 and 5XX errors only.

This document describes the implementation of errors in ILC.

Since in the micro frontends, a webpage consists of several fragments, the approach to handling errors differs from that used in monolithic frontends.

'404' error⚓︎

To see 404 error routes, use the Show special switcher at the top of the routes page. Special route must be created separately for each domain.

ILC registry special routes switcher

Unlike simple routes that use composition with the help of the Next property, the special route has its own configuration. It means that you must add the template and all the necessary applications (for example, header, footer) to the Special route slot (see the screenshot below).

ILC registry error slot

More information about the 404 error is available in the Global error handling page.

'5XX' errors⚓︎

ILC render this error as a simple HTML file. This consideration is made to minimize the chances of error occurrence on rendering since if ILC fails, this HTML file will be used by the browser to show an error to the user.

The 500 template acts as the default error template for the main domain.

ILC registry 500 error

To assign different error templates to domains, you must specify the template when creating a domain. See the screenshots below.

ILC registry domains menu ILC registry set template of 500 error

Preview error

In ILC, it is possible to preview the 500 error via the /_ilc/500/ route.

For example: is the preview route for the demo website.

More information about the 5xx errors handling is available in the Global error handling page.

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